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We Educate People. We Empower People. We !Mpact People.™

The !mpact Experience

Dedicated professionals striving to impact the lives of our youth and our community through training and professional development.

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Our Services

Since 2001, !Mpact People, has developed curriculum, trainings and programs to serve schools, school districts, community based organizations and municipalities.

About Us

!Mpact People™ is a network of successful professionals consulting part-time to advance communities and youth.

!Mpact People™ are proudly practitioners first and consultants second.

!Mpact People™ are teachers in classrooms, directors of organizations, after school coordinators, and public school administrators—all dedicated to the development of communities and youth.

!Mpact People™ strives to impact communities and lives of youth by developing high quality trainings, in-depth consulting, innovative programs and project & activity based learning.